Dmitry Belyavsky (beldmit) wrote,
Dmitry Belyavsky

Рассылкой по инфобезу принесло

I've come up with a few enlightening definitions: Sometimes
people make better security decisions if they look at them.
Some of them could be laws I suppose. Here are the ones I
put on the one-page version of the handout.

"Backward Compatible" -- Vulnerable to Downgrade Attack.

"Backup" -- Additional Target.

"Big Data" -- Whatever people didn't secure.

"CA" -- Some clown in Uzbekistan who paid somebody a bribe.

"Cloud" -- Computers that someone else can access at will or
take away from you at will.

"Common Carrier" -- Compromised Carrier.

"DRM" -- A technology which gives the key to the attacker.

"Firmware Update" -- A reminder that the software you can see
is not the only software that contains holes.

"IoT" -- Internet of Targets.

"Keyboard" -- A device for entering mistakes into a computer.

"Password" -- If a human can remember it a computer can guess it.

"Proprietary" -- Unreviewed.

"Protocol" -- A procedure ANY part of which may not be followed.

"Routine" -- With absolutely the minimum possible amount of
attention or checking required to usually get results.

"Secure" -- Less valuable to a crook than something else they
could steal or break with the same effort.

"Social Media" -- Surveillance As a Business Model.

"Switch" -- listening post.

"Trusted" -- Capable of screwing you over.

"USB" -- Un-Secure Bus.

"Virtual" -- Looks like something that it isn't.

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