May 26th, 2005


Новая революция в гейм-дизайне?

За ссылку спасибо ailev.

AGEIA Physics Technologies

Gaming will never be the same with AGEIA's hardware-accelerated physics technologies. Bridging the gap between beautiful static worlds and responsive physical reality, AGEIA physics technologies enable unlimited creative possibilities for game developers. The result will re-ignite the enthusiasm of gamer and game creators alike, and propel the game industry into unexplored new markets. Experience the world of pervasive interactive reality with AGEIA technologies.

AGEIA PhysX chip

PhysX is the world's first Physics Processing Unit (PPU), an entirely new category of processor that promises to revolutionize gaming in the same way that the graphics processing unit (GPU) did in the 1990s. By offloading software physics processing from the CPU and GPU, the PPU completes the triangle of gameplay, graphics and physics, balancing the load of these processing tasks and enabling pervasive interactive reality in tomorrow's games.

PhysX Processor Architecture has been designed to enable radical acceleration of:

* Rigid body dynamics
* Universal collision detection
* Finite element analysis
* Soft body dynamics
* Fluid dynamics
* Hair simulation
* Clothing simulation

NovodeX Physics SDK

The NovodeX Physics SDK is a stable, high-performance solution for game developers to enable physics-based gameplay and effects in PC and console titles. A powerful API for the PhysX PPU, NovodeX enables game developers to inject both software-only and hardware-accelerated features into their games. The NovodeX Physics SDK is also the first and only asynchronous (multithreaded) physics API capable of unleashing the power of multiprocessor gaming systems.

Key features:

* Stable, high-performance solver
* First and only multiprocessing physics API
* PC and console support
* Works alongside other game engines
* Supports vehicles, rag dolls, and character controllers
* Integrates with any renderer
* Full complement of code samples and tutorials
* World-class developer support and custom solutions

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